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Range History

The Lewis Wetzel Rifle & Pistol Club was started in the 1940's by sportsmen of the Wheeling, West Virginia area who were interested in the shooting sports as well as big and small game hunting. The club was named after the famed frontiersman Lewis Wetzel, an expert marksman with a flintlock rifle, who roamed the hills of the Wheeling area in search of hostile Indians in the late 1700's. His entire family had been massacred by Indians when he was very young and because of this, he dedicated his life to defending the settlers of what was then the frontier of the new nation, America.

Anyone interested in a more complete history of the Wheeling area during that time, would find interesting reading in some of the works of famed author Zane Grey and present-day Club member Joseph Roxby.


The club makes an attempt to cater to the needs of all present day shooting sportsmen, woman, and enthusiasts. We welcome input and suggestions from members of the club and law abiding firearms owners from the surrounding area.


The next regular meeting is on Thursday, August 8th 2024 at 7 pm.

The range will be closed Saturday, July 20 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for a Range Orientation..

Safety is the individual responsibility of each member.
While at the range take a moment to review our safety rules.

According to our Chief Range Officer the most violated provisions are:

1) Failure to uncase & case at the FIRING LINE only.
2) Keeping your finger off the trigger until the target is acquired.

The payment period for membership dues has ended.

Any outstanding payments not postmarked by June 30 are delinquent and those memberships are forfeit.


Paperless: 98

Applicants: 18

Apply for Membership Online

Applicants should check your email and add to your contacts to avoid missing notification emails. 

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