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There are currently 72 members enrolled of 125 needed to reconsider establishing an online payment system.

Members can enroll or unenroll here at any time and if we achieve enough interest you will be provided updates as to progress toward this initiative. The secretary's office will also be canvassing all new member candidates via the online application page when it goes live on May 1st.

What are the benefits? 

Members save the time and inconvenience of addressing two envelopes (one to the club and an SASE to yourself) plus 2 stamps @ 68 cents each ($1.36). The modest fees for this service of around $4.00 are partly offset and what is your time worth? Once payment is cleared the secretary's office would mail your membership range badge directly to you. Payment could be made with a credit or debit card on your smartphone or computer in minutes.

For your volunteer club officers it would save dozens of hours managing the membership records, invoicing, driving to the post office everyday in June to pick up returned invoices & checks, opening hundreds of envelopes, going to the bank to make deposits and dealing with problems with mailing, change of address, and others that ultimately arise. 

If implemented a member must be enrolled to use this service and you can do so at the link above.

If in 2024 get a sufficient number of members opting for this feature the executive council will again take up the matter for possible implementation for 2025 renewals.

If enrolling make certain to add the secretary email to your contacts:


The next regular meeting will be Thursday, May 9th, 2024 at 7:00 pm.

Safety is the individual responsibility of each member.
While at the range take a moment to review our safety rules.

According to our Chief Range Officer the most violated provisions are:

1) Failure to uncase & case at the FIRING LINE only.
2) Keeping your finger off the trigger until the target is acquired.

The Online Membership Application page will be activated on April 23rd this year. Paper applications will not be accepted until May 1st.

Member renewal invoices will be mailed on June 1st.

Apply for Membership Online

Applicants should check your email and add to your contacts to avoid missing notification emails. 


Paperless: 72

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