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Lewis Wetzel Rifle & Pistol Club Privacy Policy


Information on members or prospective members is only collected via membership application forms either paper or electronic. Additionally, updates to this information come directly from the members via written instructions or email contact offered by the member or requested by an Executive Officer of the club.


All contact information is recorded and kept on the secure databases provided by the Wix webhosting & development platform and is used for the purpose of maintaining the membership rolls and annual invoicing of membership dues.

Any files or related information held on the Secretary's computer is access controlled and is securely backed up on Google's "Drive" Cloud service and is covered under their privacy guidelines here.


No member contact information is shared with any outside entities and only administrators of the website and select Executive officers have access to these records as necessary to conduct club business.

Electronic payment services for membership dues provided by the Stripe payment platform and any information collected there falls under Stripe’s privacy policy here.


The next regular meeting is on Thursday, July 11th, 2024 at 7 pm. The third and final reading of by-law amendment proposals will be read and voted on for ratification.

Online payment is active for registered members. See the "Membership" menu above.

The range will be closed June 29 & July 20 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm for Range Orientations.

Safety is the individual responsibility of each member.
While at the range take a moment to review our safety rules.

According to our Chief Range Officer the most violated provisions are:

1) Failure to uncase & case at the FIRING LINE only.
2) Keeping your finger off the trigger until the target is acquired.

An online payment link was sent to all registrants for E-payment as of Jun 5. Check your inbox. If you registered after Jun 5 and want to make an online payment email the Secretary.

Check your email inbox or spam folder if not present.


Paperless: 79

Applicants: 18

Apply for Membership Online

Applicants should check your email and add to your contacts to avoid missing notification emails. 

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