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Membership Information

Lewis Wetzel Rifle & Pistol Club is private membership club comprised of a limit of 400 dues paying members. We are also an NRA and CMP affiliate organization and NRA membership is required to become and remain a member.

published shooting events that appear on our website can be attended by the general public however being on the property or using the range at any other time is strictly prohibited by non-members.

If you are interested in
becoming a member of the Lewis Wetzel Rifle & Pistol Club you must be sponsored by a current member in good standing and be a member of the NRA. If you do not know a member then you are encouraged to attend, either as an observer or participant, one of our published events to become more familiar with the club, its activities, and some of our membership. These events are not, however, training classes. If you are unfamiliar with structured range safety, specific equipment or conduct of these matches your first visit should be to observe, learn and make introductions at appropriate times during or after the event; However, be mindful not to distract the match director or anyone on or near the firing line.

Hearing and eye protection is mandatory!

We currently receive applications for membership from May 1st thru May31st of the year. The number of membership openings varies each year. Once applications are received and reviewed qualifying submissions will be read before the membership with a prospective member’s sponsor promoting the prospect at a regular monthly meeting.

Once voting is complete accepted applicants will be notified and scheduled to attend a required Range Safety Orientation. At that time a one-time initiation fee ($100.00) and dues ($100.00 per year) will be collected. This will be the final opportunity to provide NRA membership information if not provided on the application. Membership will not be granted if an applicant fails to appear for an orientation or fails to present NRA membership information. Membership does not take effect until the orientation is complete and all fees paid and NRA information received. The first year of membership is probationary and any infraction of range safety conduct, destruction of property or other negligence may be cause for revocation of membership privileges along with potential sanctions to the sponsoring member. Probationary members cannot sponsor a new member until the year following the one year anniversary period.

The normal membership year begins on July 1st of each year. Invoices are mailed to all members on June 1st, are payable upon receipt and must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of your membership badge. Membership dues not received postmarked by June 30th will result in membership forfeiture. There is no grace period.

For questions or, for current members to update personal information, contact:

Mark Kuntz
Recording Secretary, LWRPC



The next regular meeting will be Thursday, May 9th, 2024 at 7:00 pm.

Safety is the individual responsibility of each member.
While at the range take a moment to review our safety rules.

According to our Chief Range Officer the most violated provisions are:

1) Failure to uncase & case at the FIRING LINE only.
2) Keeping your finger off the trigger until the target is acquired.

The Online Membership Application page will be activated on April 23rd this year. Paper applications will not be accepted until May 1st.

Member renewal invoices will be mailed on June 1st.

Apply for Membership Online

Applicants should check your email and add to your contacts to avoid missing notification emails. 


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